Mamma Blues!

You get a chance to talk about and discuss how to help your children with anger and tantrums and feelings…. but we Mums forget to check all that with ourselves!!

With the weather becoming all gloomy, wet and depressing, mood swings kick in too.

How to help with this sad mood?

Here are a few things I do to help me;

1- Get dressed:

When I’m feeling low I try to wake up a bit earlier then usual and get dressed, I put some makeup on, do my hair and look nice before the kids wake up ! When I look nice I feel good!

2- Do something relaxing

It can be anything, depending on what you feel like doing. Cleaning helps me feel relaxed, even for an hour after seeing the house clean I feel better. Warm drink helps, sometimes when i have time to myself I would get me a warm drink and sit by the fire while watching Netflix! I also write when I’m feeling sad, or upset!

-3) Talk

Talk, talk and talk… talk to your friends, your family, your partners, your kids, basically anyone you can get a hold of. I talk too much to help me feel better, I don’t feel like talking when I’m upset but I know once I talk about my feelings I will feel better. I mostly talk to my husband and sometimes to my kids. It always works!

-4) Exercise

I’m not an exercise person! I do love walking, on a straight path. When I’m feeling low I can walk more then a mile without getting tired! I know it’s probably nothing for some people but like I said not an exercising person! But physical activity helps to release “happy hormones” in your brain. You can go to the gym, for a walk. Sometimes I just dance around the living room with the music on loud! My kids love it!

If your mood stays the same for a very long period, I suggest checking with your GP!

Never ignore signs of depression, especially when you have young children depending on you. Please get help if you need it, there is no shame in telling someone you feel too low! It’s always good to talk to someone you trust!

Look after yourself! Be a happy mummy! And don’t worry about little things like cleaning, cooking and stuff. These things won’t matter just look after yourself first so you can look after your family! Xx

What do you do to help with your mamma blues??!!


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